The 5 Best Jobs for Traveling the World

Fantasizing about exotic locales while wasting away in a cubicle or behind a cash register is no way to live. The wandelustiest among us thrive on the endless excitement, exotic cultures, and continuous learning only experienced by traveling the world. It is a yearning that takes more than a vacation or two a year to satisfy.

7 Traits of Great Tour Guides

Every day is a new adventure for Tour Guides, one that requires flexibility and an expansive set of skills. Mastery of the basics only goes so far. Exceptional Tour Guides and Tour Directors wear numerous hats to ensure everybody has a positive experience. Variety makes this job one of the most fulfilling in the world.

8 Reasons Tour Directors & Guides Are the Most Fun People You'll Ever Meet

Tour guiding and tour directing are professions that attract a wide range of personality types. Artists, actors, musicians, writers, scientists, and historians are among those who gravitate toward this exciting and challenging career path. Despite their differences in education and interests, most share one common characteristic: they're just plain fun to be around.            

5 Ways to Make Every Tour Guest Feel Valued

There are a number of very simple methods for building rapport with your groups that show them that you value their lives more than their tips. At the heart of all of them is a desire to understand what makes them tick so that you can provide the most enjoyable tour experience possible.

5 Qualities of Every Successful Tour Guide and Tour Director

The very best tour guides and tour directors possess certain characteristics in abundance. They are what drive them to always improve and never settle for anything less than exceeding their guests’ expectations.

Storytelling: To Connect, Engage, Entertain

Every person that 2016 ITMI Symposium and Reunion keynote speaker Sarah Elkins met had one thing in common, one thing that made this group extraordinary: Curiosity. Consistent, deeply optimistic curiosity.